Meet My Wedding Couples

Jewish Catholic Wedding in St. Augustine

The Lord’s Prayer and my favorite Catholic Priest

Last night, I drove 13 hours round trip up and back in the same day, just to co-officiate the … [Read More...]

Cantor Debbi Ballard and Father Tim Lozier, the power team of Jewish Catholic Wedding officiants, after Michelle and Brian's Jewish Catholic wedding in St. Augustine, FL

The Power Team of Jewish Catholic Wedding Officiants!

I've been so fortunate to have 2 opportunities to work with Father Tim, and since I just received a … [Read More...]


Danielle and Garrett – Why I do what I do

Danielle and Garrett are the perfect reason why I do what I do. Many colleagues ask me why I … [Read More...]

Church chuppah

A beautiful blend of both…

Kathy emailed me a year ago, as she and her fiance, Drew, and their Moms were coming to Fort … [Read More...]

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Cantor Debbi’s Thoughts and Musings.


It’s Official! Shema Koleinu announces High Holiday Worship Services 5772!

 High Holiday Worship Services with Cantor Debbi Ballard Begin for the first time 7 years ago, I … [Read More...]


Changing lives is easy!

You would think it takes sheer genius, or a miracle, or a huge revelation, to truly cause a shift in … [Read More...]

Unaffiliated Lifecycles? One Cantor's view…

I just came across a well-written post by a Reform Rabbi in Washington, DC, in response to the … [Read More...]


Thanks is for Giving

I was reminded of this by a friend and colleague of mine, who has written (and is soon to be … [Read More...]

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My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Adventures

Jessie's unaffiliated Bar Mitzvah

Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah, what an amazing time!

After 14 months of arduous preparation, the night of Jesse's Bar Mitzvah finally arrived!  And, it was worth the wait! I loved Jesse's Bar Mitzvah, for many reasons.  First, and most importantly, … [Read More...]

Unaffiliated Bar Mitzvah family Shabbat dinner in Broward County, Florida

The greatest gift…

When it comes to families who enroll in my program, I'm pretty blessed.  It seems that as with the Law of Attraction, what we put out into the universe, we also attract.  Throughout my 10 year career … [Read More...]


My Chicago weekend – Matthew’s day is here!

I'm so excited for this morning, and for being in Chicago this weekend.  I've had sooo much fun since I got off the plane yesterday! As soon as I arrived yesterday, we went to Mike & Sharon's … [Read More...]

Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah, Chicago, Ill.

I can't wait for Matthew's Bar Mitzvah.  The Silverberg family truly personifies why I chose the title "My Personal Cantor" for my business.  It started with my friend, Jacey, who worked for me, in … [Read More...]


Where did summer go??

My biggest challenge this year has been to maintain any consistency in my writing.  I seem to get really inspired to write, and post a ton of blogs at one time, and then I get so busy, that every time … [Read More...]

Jared's Bar Mitzvah, and my best review – EVER!

This past weekend was Jared's Bar Mitzvah.  I was so worried about this one, simply from a time constraint perspective.  No sooner did I finish Jess & Pete's wedding in Orlando, I jumped in the … [Read More...]


Austin’s AMAZING Bar Mitzvah – Ahoy Mates!

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I'm SOOOOO lucky to do what I do, and being able to give my newest student the opportunity to have his Bar Mitzvah just reaffirms my good … [Read More...]

The power team with Dan and Bethann

Taking a moment..

I just looked at the date, and realized we are halfway through March, and I haven't even finished blogging about February, yet.  March has already been a very fun month for me, as I just got back from … [Read More...]

Max's very special day

I guess I should start this blog entry, by clarifying that no event I’ve ever done has resulted in 3 (or more) entries, until now. Somehow I feel that’s important, because usually, as much as many of … [Read More...]

Jersey continues…

It is the eve of Max's Bar Mitzvah.  I am back in the hotel, after spending the last few hours reading and preparing for tonight, and reflecting on the last 24 hours.  My heart is pounding for some … [Read More...]

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