You Don’t Look Jewish-The Hebrew Mamita!

My friend Mindy just sent me this video, and I just had to share, just to share.

How many of us have been told “You don’t look JEWISH!”  I suppose I’ve always wondered what that meant, and felt strangely responseless upon hearing it, perhaps because I just couldn’t quite understand the purpose of the statement.

Here, Vanessa puts all of my feelings into words.  Yes, I AM JEWISH.  I am proud to look JEWISH, and if I don’t look JEWISH to everyone, I hope I am acting JEWISH every minute of the day.  Thanks, Vanessa.  You rock!

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  1. Wow! Powerful stuff! That really hit home for me, since I’m a product of an interfaith marriage and have heard that comment more times than I care to count just because I don’t look “traditionally” Jewish. It always made me uncomfortable, uneasy, and unsatisfied with my response, which was usually silence or a quick laugh, trying not to appear to overreact to what is essentially an insult and an ethnic slur. I actually choked up watching this – well said!! Thanks, Debbi, I love how you bring everything to light!

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