My Chicago weekend – Matthew’s day is here!

I’m so excited for this morning, and for being in Chicago this weekend.  I’ve had sooo much fun since I got off the plane yesterday!

As soon as I arrived yesterday, we went to Mike & Sharon’s house, and Matthew and I prepared the Torah and practiced our singing together.  I love that Matthew is a performing pro, so there is NO tension about him getting up in front of 200 people today and chanting Torah!  Before we left for the hotel, Mike and Sharon treated me to the perfect Chicago lunch at Stadium Dogs, and we had the BEST Chicago hot dogs EVER!  (Well, they’re the only ones I’ve ever had – in Chicago, so who am I to boast?)

Grabbing a Chicago Hot Dog before Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah

Last night, Sharon’s dad had all the family (lots of them) over to their magnificent home for dinner.  It was such a wonderful evening.  Matthew and I sang lots of Shabbat songs, and all the kids helped lead the Shabbat blessings.  There are 4 children under 1 year old, so it was an amazing evening!  Elana, Jacey’s daughter, covered her eyes during the lighting of the candles, and is only SO excited that her Aunt Leiba brought her a Havdalah set and we are going to have Havdalah tonight – after a swim in the water park.

Shabbat Sing Along, Friday night Shabbat

Indoor Water Park at the Key Lime Resort in Chicago

Yes, life is colorful, and full adventure.  But this weekend, it is also full of love.  I’m so happy to be here.

Go Matthew!  Bring it on!



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