What To Expect At An Interfaith Wedding

Cantor Debbi understands that many guests feel apprehensive attending a faith-based wedding ceremony because they simply do not understand all of the rituals or traditions. Hopefully, this article makes things a bit easier to understand! Attending an Interfaith wedding can be a major source of anxiety for many wedding guests, these days.  Many of us have […]

Israel is opening!

I could NOT be happier! My greatest disappointment from 2020 was having to tell my 20+ travelers we would not be able to go to Israel. When a family plans an Israel B-Mitzvah, of course they’re excited for the B-Mitzvah. Planning a trip to Israel invokes so many emotions, hopes, and dreams, and to have […]

We Had a Challah-Day!

It was SUCH a wonderful day today, baking challah with my besties! This morning, Melissa Cravitz Ferber felt a sore throat coming on so she opted in by FACETIME, and still made some rockin’ challah with us! Making challah is a mitzvah. The special part about it is infusing the challah while you’re kneading it with your […]

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