Below you will find some of the most common every day questions my couples and families ask me. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to ask a question you have not yet found an answer to.

  1. Will you co-officiate?

    GLADLY! But let me share my very personal thought on that matter…I completely respect and gladly serve any couple who feels the importance of having two officiants, and I have happily and successfully been a co-officiant many times. But I feel that the presence of two officiants are a clear symbol of a division of faith. What I believe to be absolutely remarkable, however, is when one officiant can blend two faiths, with grace and meaning, bringing a true sense of unity to your ceremony. Either way, it is my pleasure and my honor to serve my couples, in whatever way they wish to be served!

  2. Do I need a Rabbi to perform my marriage?

    No! A Rabbi and a Cantor are equally qualified under civil law, and religious law, to perform weddings. In fact, under Jewish law, the only qualification to perform a wedding is that the officiant be a knowledgeable Jew. Under civil law, I am an equally qualified clergy member, but the added benefit is – I can sing!

  3. Can we create our own ceremony?

    Absolutely! I am your facilitator. You hire me to perform the wedding YOU want to create! I am your guide. I help you understand what each component of a religious or spiritual wedding entails, and you choose how you want to incorporate it. I guide you through the order of the ceremony, and to help you envision your wedding, exactly the way you want it to be.

  4. Do I need solid gold wedding bands?

    Jewish tradition tells us that the wedding band should be unbroken, to symbolize the eternity of the bond you are creating, through your marriage. If you are both Jewish, it is a lovely tradition to uphold, but not required. If you are Interfaith, it is my personal feeling that there are really no religious rules governing an Interfaith wedding. It’s a personal decision you both make, and I am happy to accommodate your wishes!

  5. Our family structure is complicated..How will we handle the processional?

    Many families today are mixed, and the relationships are often blurred. We discuss all of the people you would like to include, and I have many innovative ways to include the people you love, creating a ceremony that highlights love and harmony. No worries or stress allowed!

  6. Will you travel to my location?

    Most definitely! I travel throughout the world! Many of my weddings are located in Mexico, and The Caribbean, but I am happy to perform your wedding anywhere in the world. It is often difficult to find an officiant who is flexible in faith, and willing to personalize your ceremony. Regardless of our location, we work closely to create the ceremony of your dreams, making it that much more meaningful to you, your family, and your guests.

  7. How will you get to know us?

    Technology!! I love using Skype, GoToMeeting.com, FaceTime, and the regular old phone lines to connect with my couples! I also schedule regular phone sessions, and have you complete very in-depth questionnaires, so that I am able to really connect with you on many levels. When your guests leave your wedding or ceremony, they will feel as if we’ve known each other for years!

  8. Do we need a rehearsal?

    No doubt you will likely have a rehearsal – but you don’t really need for me to be there. Rehearsals themselves are more for your venue – where to walk, where to stand, etc.. We will plan out the processional together so you can give this information to your coordinator. Your coordinator and I will have everyone prepared as we line up, and each person will know exactly where to go. We don’t “rehearse” the ceremony itself.

  9. We don’t belong to a synagogue, where can we have our Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, or Baby Naming?

    Anywhere that accommodates the number of people you wish to have! Most of my families hold their lifecycle events at hotels, restaurants, private homes, on the beach, anywhere you want! I have a Torah, so we can create a synagogue-like experience anywhere you wish!

  10. We aren’t religious, but we want to include a few traditions that are meaningful to us.

    You are not alone! Today’s couples want a personalized wedding that reflects who they are, without the obligation of outdated rules and traditions. Our traditions of our faiths have beautiful modern meaning, and your ceremony can be whatever you want it to be. I support and guide you through the process by incorporating the meaning and clearly explaining to all of your guests, so everyone feels welcome, and an active part of your special day.

  11. What makes you different?

    Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding, and it is of utmost importance for your Officiant to set the tone for your event. I am warm, loving, personal, spiritual, dynamic, and flexible. I have exceptional speaking skills, a loving heart, and add lots of fun to your ceremony!