Blog Highlight: A Destination Bat Mitzvah in South Florida with Cantor Debbi

Welcome!  I’m so excited to share details of the newest trend in Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah – the Destination Bat Mitzvah in South Florida! It is becoming commonplace for Jewish families to take the B-Mitzvah experience into their own hands!
By making it meaningful and relevant to the family – the Bat Mitzvah experience is transformed. It excites me that people are making the experience less of a blow out party and more of a meaningful family journey. It is my honor and pleasure to officiate a Bat Mitzvah for any family in the destination of their choice!

A Lighthouse Point, Florida, Airbnb destination

Katie’s family chose a beautiful location on a South Florida premiere canal location with a beautiful Airbnb home rental.  Because they had 8 people in their family, that would have required 3-4 hotel rooms. For much less cost, they were able to secure this beautiful home in Lighthouse point, and had the Bat Mitzvah ceremony there, out on the water.

Cantor Debbi welcomes everyone to Katie's Destination Bat Mitzvah in Lighthouse Point, South Florida
Cantor Debbi welcomes everyone to Katie’s Destination Bat Mitzvah

Family is the Focus – Passing Jewish Tradition through the Generations at the Destination Bat Mitzvah

Katie’s grandmother lives here in South Florida, and didn’t feel comfortable flying up north in the winter.  Since the family does not belong to a synagogue, they hired a local Bat Mitzvah tutor in their hometown. They contacted me to express their dream of having a Bat Mitzvah with just the family here in South Florida.  They were so thrilled to know their dream could absolutely come true!  It was more important to Katie’s family to have this celebration together with the people that meant the most to them, and that is what I love to do!  Making family the focus highlights the beauty of the Jewish experience!

Destination Bat Mitzvah in Lighthouse Point, FL
Destination Bat Mitzvah in Lighthouse Point, FL

Bat Mitzvah Tutoring – Let’s get to work!

Katie’s tutor and I collaborated to make sure we were all on the same page for chanting prayers and her tutor did a great job!  Katie and I actually didn’t even get to meet till 1 hour prior to the Bat Mitzvah service, but it all went so well!

Make the ceremony meaningful

Obviously, you can see from the photos – the group was small, but the impact was BIG!

Katie’s Destination Bat Mitzvah was everything this family hoped for.  Katie read from the Torah, shared her personal thoughts on becoming a Bat Mitzvah, as well as the meaning of her Torah portion – Bo, from the Book of Exodus.

The weather was indescribably perfect that day!  Katie’s delivery and intention was too, and I so loved spending the day with this lovely family.

Kiddush and Hamotzi at Destination Bat Mitzvah in Lighthouse Point, South Florida
Kiddush & Hamotzi
Cantor Debbi leads everyone in the Jewish prayer at the South Florida Destination Bat Mitzvah
South Florida Destination Bat Mitzvah with Cantor Debbi

Want to create your own Bat Mitzvah “dream come true”?  Contact Cantor Debbi today to see how you can co-create the event of your dreams.

Debbi Ballard

Cantor Debbi brings warmth. passion, and an infectious smile to her ceremonies, serving Jewish-Interfaith couples and families for all of your Jewish lifecycle events in Florida, and around the world. For weddings, baby namings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and spiritual worship needs, Cantor Debbi works personally with each family - no rules, just right!

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  1. I just seen you on HLN and was lead to search you out. Wanted to say how profound your answer, us in Gods image and having choice as well as God even more grieved by evil then we…selah. . Thank you for standing up, for speaking God’s heart and Thank you for sharing God’s love! May he bless and multiply the works of your hands concerning His kingdom…amen amen

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