Baby Naming

Lonnie and Kathryn’s baby naming
Lonnie and Kathryn’s baby naming

While most families will consider the services of a Moyle for their newborn boy’s circumcision and baby naming – many other options exist for the welcoming of a baby girl into the Jewish and Interfaith family.

Whether you wish to create a ceremony directly equivalent to a Brit Milah, or create a custom ceremony to honor and welcome your daughter, I will work closely with you to create a ceremony that fits your family’s desires.

In a feminized Brit Milah, the ceremony is held on the 8th day after birth, and contains all of the ritual prayers and blessings, less the surgical procedure. It includes ‘kvaters’ who will carry the baby on a pillow, as well as a ‘sandak’ or ‘sandakit’ (female sandak) who holds the baby on their knees; a ‘Chair of Elijah’ is used, or a feminine equivalent – ‘Chair of Miriam/Devorah’; Most of the verses recited at a Brit will be recited here, with the substitution of the feminine form, and the newborn will be blessed, ‘As she has entered the Brit (covenant), so she shall enter a life of Torah, the marriage canopy, and good deeds.’ In addition, the baby will be named according to the formula that is customary at a Brit Milah.

A more modern version of birth ceremonies for a daughter is one in which the parents design an original ceremony in honor of their daughter. In general, the ceremony will consist of a welcoming of the new baby, words of praise and gratitude to God over the wonder of birth, the naming (if she wasn’t named previously), recitation of verses, offering of blessings to the baby, the new mother’s recitation of Birkat Hagomel, tree planting, a banquet, as well as speeches and poetry selections that are integrated within the ceremony.

We can hold this beautiful, meaningful ceremony in the location of your choice or in your home. I will provide a beautiful outline of the ceremony, along with a naming certificate for your child. As with all of my ceremonies, your baby naming will be filled with warmth, music, love, and spirituality.