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Mazel Tov! Excited about your Jewish Interfaith Wedding? You decided to get married, and now you cannot wait for all things “wedding planning” – well – except, perhaps, for trying to figure out the daunting task of how you are going to blend your Jewish and Non Jewish backgrounds into one beautiful ceremony.  EEEEK!


Yes, I get hundreds of calls a year that go something like this: “We’re not religious.  I was Bar/Bat Mitzvah’d, and my fiancee was raised *** (you fill in the blank).  We really believe in simply doing the right thing in terms of religion, but both of our families are pretty observant when it comes to holidays, food, and going to services on the High Holy Days or Christmas.  We know it shouldn’t be that hard to plan our wedding ceremony but we just have NO CLUE how to go about a Interfaith Jewish Wedding.  Can you help??” YES!  I can!

It’s really a simple concept.  Eliminate anything that divides us – and focus on that which unites us.

Cantor Debbi performs an Interfaith Jewish Wedding with a Jewish and Hindu couple
Cantor Debbi performs Jewish, Interfaith and multi-cultural weddings

Every person on your guest list on your wedding day should feel like a fully welcomed guest at your wedding.  They should not feel alienated by too much foreign language they don’t understand.  We should not invoke the blessings of a diety figure that might alienate some of us.


We should tell the story of this couple – who they are, what they mean to one another and why their love is special – and we go from there.  We involve your most special family members.  We adapt certain religious rituals to fit the landscape and we concentrate on the reason for being here – your love. I can absolutely help you navigate some of the touchiest situations.  I lived it.  I know how to solve even the most tenuous challenges – but all challenges can be overcome!  And if you don’t have challenges – but simply want a unique, personalized wedding ceremony that captures the true essence of YOU – well, that”s my happy place, for sure!


Let’s have a conversation about your wedding and everything you hope for by filling out the form below or calling me directly at 954-646-1326!



~ Officiating Jewish & Interfaith Weddings in Florida, USA – Destination Weddings in North America, Mexico, Caribbean & Worldwide ~

PS: Be sure to check me out diving under water, or dancing to my groom singing!  Those are my best Interfaith wedding ceremony videos ever!

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